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Who To Contact When You Move Home

When you move, as well as telling friends and family, there are many organisations you’ll need to make aware of your new address.

2 minute read

A change of address service is available at  Here, you can enter your old and new address details, and the website will update all the companies you choose at once.

We’ve put together this ‘Who to Contact’ checklist to remind you of the companies and organisations you’ll need to inform.  You might like to print this out and use the tick boxes to keep track of who you’ve told.*

Banks and building societies


Catalogue, magazine and newspaper subscriptions


Clubs and associations


Credit card and store loyalty card companies


Doctor, dentist and optician


DVLA (you can do this online at




Gyms or health clubs


HM Revenue and Customs (you can do this online at


Internet provider


Insurance companies


Local authority’s council tax department


Mobile phone and landline provider


National Savings and Premium Bond companies


Pension providers


Professional associations and trade unions


Rental companies


Satellite TV companies


Schools and colleges


TV Licensing (you can do this online at


Utility suppliers





To avoid missing important documents and to stop your personal details falling into the wrong hands, it’s a good idea to arrange for your post to be redirected; you can do this online at